Parent Testimonials

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with many amazing children and wonderful parents. Below are a few testimonials from happy parents.

My relationship with the Christopher Academy community started over 30 years ago, when I was a student at the Westfield, NJ campus. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I can recall my parents commenting on how my Montessori education positively influenced various aspects of my development. Throughout my higher education, and later career in the education field, my personal respect and appreciation for this method of learning took on its own form; and when it came time to choose a school for my two children, I knew Christopher Academy had everything my husband and I wanted for them. Christopher Academy offers children an enriched and carefully arranged learning environment. Teachers at Christopher Academy manage to provide students with individualized attention, and really get to know each child and their respective developmental needs. This methodology not only helps with lessons and the acquisition of skills, but helps to build relationships. It is evident that the teachers genuinely care for their students– and that the children have affection for their teachers, and enjoy going to school. Christopher Academy recognizes that every child is unique and special, and the school fosters a nurturing learning environment that promotes kindness and respect. Children learn from one another, and it is amazing to see “little friends” helping “big friends” with various work and materials around the classroom. Teachers and staff also go above and beyond to cultivate relationships with parents/caregivers. They always make themselves available to hear questions or concerns, and parents are frequently updated on their child’s progress in the classroom. I’m proud of my decision to select Christopher Academy for my children’s early education, and grateful for the wonderful teachers and staff who have been supportive throughout the entire process.
Gabriella Hamilton

There aren’t many places you can go these days where things are the same as they were 35 years ago, but in a good way.  When my husband and I started looking at preschools for our son three years ago, we knew a visit to Christopher Academy was a must.  After all, I’m a proud graduate of the class of 1982.  It was a surreal experience returning to the classroom and upon entering, so many images came rushing back to me.  Practical life is still in the front corner, art is still at the back left, sensorial work along the wall and the math work is at the back right.  It was familiar, it was comfortable and the energy within the classroom made you feel like you wanted to stay.  That is exactly how I remember Christopher Academy from all those years ago, only this time I’m on the other side of the two-way mirror.  There is so much to value in a Christopher Academy education.  We value the emphasis placed on each child as an individual.  The Montessori Method empowers our kids to chart their own course through portions of the day by choosing work that interests them most.  We value the classroom and the positive, peaceful environment that has been designed to encourage independence.  The children prepare their workspace, guided only as needed by a gentle hand or thoughtful suggestion from a teacher.  Upon completion of their work, the child returns the materials to the appropriate place.  Most of all, we value that at the core of our children’s daily interactions are lessons in grace and courtesy.  We are so grateful to be part of a school that recognizes this life skill as something to teach. As a parent, it’s a fortunate feeling knowing our children are in the right school.  At Christopher Academy they’re laying a foundation from which our kids will be able to leap forward academically, socially, and culturally.  My husband and I see these early years as a very impactful time where the lessons they’re given on a daily basis will ultimately be a part of their lifetime practice.  It’s a really powerful thought and for that reason we are very grateful to be part of a school that has an emphasis and appreciation for each child as an individual.

Morna Widell

When considering where to send our first child for his first school experience, it was not only the “where” and “what” he would be doing and “how” he would be doing it that mattered.  It was the “who”.  Who would be these new people in his life that would be with him, be by his side and help him make friends day after day, go through the first life lessons of being with other people and learning how to get along in this world with peaceful and mindful attitude? At CA we have been continually impressed with the quality of staff, from office to teacher to lunchtime aide to director to owner.  They have become extended family members to my children and family. The care that our children continue to receive from the staff at school and their commitment to the Montessori method have introduced a love of learning to us that will stay with them forever.
Teri Hansen

It is with deep, heartfelt gratitude that I write this to thank you for another spectacular year at Christopher Academy for our child. Her development is marked by so many factors but mainly your day to day ability to let the individual in her thrive. When friends and family ask me about her time at Christopher Academy, I’m often at a loss for words and don’t know where to even begin. The lessons she learned both as pupil and friend have set the most incredible foundation for a lifetime of learning and relationship building (& maintenance!). We always knew the value of an early Montessori education but it’s another thing to see it play out in your own child’s life. I will forever have this chapter of her life bookmarked in my memory of her childhood. And as parents, we cannot thank you enough.  Have a wonderful summer!  Best, Sarah & Lee

Sarah and Lee Markle

Is there anything better in life than knowing you’ve chosen the right early education pathway for your child? Nothing fills me with more heartfelt gratitude and comfort knowing my oldest daughter Morgan has simply thrived as a student at Christopher Academy for the past 3 years. The staff, curriculum, and community of CA has laid the fundamental groundwork for Morgan’s lifelong pursuit of education, with the Montessori method imperative to her individual development.    There is a true passion based in the Montessori tradition at CA, and that passion has a trickledown effect that permeates beyond the classroom. The kindness, joyfulness, and caring nature my daughter is exposed to while at school translates into our home life as well.  Simply put, we couldn’t be happier with our family’s experience at Christopher Academy and wish all children could experience this type of learning environment.
Sarah Markle

We moved to Westfield from Hoboken in 2010. We decided on sending our 3 year old son at the time Logan to Christopher Academy(CA), honestly, based on its nearby location to our new home. What we soon realized, however, that CA offered more than a convenient location it also offered excellence in education and social development for our son. Logan thrived in a Montessori classroom offered through the CA curriculum. He not only learned to read at a 3rd grade level by the time he left 1st grade he also learned about empathy, social responsibility  and giving back to the community. CA brought out the best in our son. He is now in the Westfield public system, the youngest in the grade but you wouldn’t know it. He has adjusted wonderfully both academically and socially. As two working parents, we are grateful for the community and support CA provides to our family. When it came to our second child, our 4 year old daughter named Priyanka, we knew that CA would also meet her unique needs and encourage her to be the best student, friend and community member that she can be.
Jey Rajaraman and Jon Hargreaves

There is truly no place like Christopher Academy. We feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderfully enriching school for our family. Our daughter’s teachers are knowledgeable and patient, and have fostered a love for learning. Their kindness and compassion radiates through their students. We appreciate that her teachers have built a caring relationship with our daughter over the years, and genuinely know, understand, and value her.

The classrooms are a carefully designed environment where materials and teachers are available for guidance. Our daughter has applied many of the work lessons at home. She has found joy in exploring her interests in art, science, reading, and working with numbers. We love Montessori for the curiosity and the engagement that the school cultivates. Christopher Academy has empowered our daughter with the tools she needs to thrive emotionally, as well as develop her confidence, carolina Biological focus, and independence. We love the school and are thrilled with our daughter’s development. It’s wonderful to see.


We are so grateful for our son’s experience at Christopher Academy.  He started at 2 1/2 (he’s now 6), and we’ve had nothing but a positive learning experience since then. The teachers have nurtured him both academically and emotionally.  It’s apparent the students are well prepared for grade school when the time comes.


We have been a Christopher Academy family for over 35 years. My sister and I are CA alumni and my three daughters have been students there over the last 6 years. We have found Christopher Academy to be a nurturing environment where our girls have flourished under the guidance of their teachers and in the company of their friends. They have learned not just academic lessons but also about interpersonal skills, artistic endeavors, and above all else kindness. We continue to be impressed with how prepared our eldest daughter was when she transitioned from CA to public school. I look back on my time at CA with fondness and know for a fact that my children will too.

Parent of a 5 year old, 3 year old and alumni