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Christopher Academy is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Please call the school to schedule an interview and a tour of the classrooms.


Re-enrollment and Enrollment have begun.

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Upcoming Open Houses

Please call the school office to schedule a prompt personal tour.  We encourage and invite all parents to visit either or both campuses.


March 7 -- Westfield Campus, 9:30 AM

March 14 -- Scotch Plains Campus, 9:30 AM

April 4 -- Westfield Campus, 9:30 AM

April 20 -- Scotch Plains Campus, 9:30 AM

May 1 -- Westfield Campus, 9:30 AM

May 9 -- Scotch Plains Campus, 9:30 AM







After doing my research for a school, I think I made the perfect choice for my son. I was looking for an extension of home and Christopher Academy is a second home to my child. The last 3 years at the school have been the best thing that happened to us. My son loves his school and enters the classroom each day with a smile and always says that school is fun! The classroom is very safe, secure, warm, friendly and conducive to early learning and the materials are stimulating .

The teachers and faculty are amazing and caring and understand that each child is an individual with individualistic needs and capabilities. A lot of importance is given to grace and courtesy and good behavior with a very sound academic foundation. I have watched my son evolve into an independent , confident young man with great self-esteem and it is my utmost joy to watch his face and eyes light up with pride and excitement, whenever he accomplishes a task. As a parent you get many opportunities to get involved in the school's activities and work with your child in the classroom and I have personally enjoyed this. It has bonded me to the school. This year the school has introduced parent workshops and as a parent I think this is a great opportunity for parents to learn and understand the Montessori Education. Christopher Academy follows the true principles of the Montessori philosophy. This school has provided my child with a strong educational foundation and with the skills that he has acquired in math, language, reading, writing, arts and culture, he is ready and well prepared to take on grade 1. Each one of them at CA has contributed to my child's growth and development and I can't thank them enough. I am very proud to be a part of Christopher Academy!


  - Anita Nair