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New Jersey's oldest Montessori school, now celebrating our 56th Anniversary


We are now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 academic year.  Please call the school to arrange an interview or tour.



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Upcoming Open Houses

Please call the school office to schedule a prompt personal tour.  We encourage and invite all parents to visit either or both campuses.


Open House Dates:

December 12    9:30 AM     Scotch Plains Campus

January 14        9:30 AM     Westfield Campus

January 21        9:30 AM     Scotch Plains Campus

February 11      9:30 AM      Westfield Campus

February 19      9:30 AM      Scotch Plains Campus

March 17           9:30 AM      Scotch Plains Campus

March 24           9:30 AM       Westfield Campus

























When considering where to send our first child for his first school experience, it was not only the “where" and “what” he would be doing and “how" he would be doing it that mattered.  It was the “who".  Who would be these new people in his life that would be with him, be by his side and help him make friends day after day, go through the first life lessons of being with other people and learning how to get along in this world with peaceful and mindful attitude? At CA we have been continually impressed with the quality of staff, from office to teacher to lunchtime aide to director to owner.  They have become extended family members to my children and family. The care that our children continue to receive from the staff at school and their commitment to the Montessori method have introduced a love of learning to us that will stay with them forever.

  - Teri Hansen