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Christopher Academy Celebrates Spring

Added May 31, 2013


At Christopher Academy – The Montessori School –this year's annual Spring Celebration saw the schools students come together to sing to an audience comprised of parents and relatives, followed by a rather impressive art show in their classrooms.

Parents and professionals alike claim that the Montessori approach is on the cutting edge of today's school reform movement, which identifies innovations, that have been part of Montessori classrooms since 1907.  Multi-age groupings, a rich and extensive curriculum implemented with hands-on materials, cross-discipline learning, and care of the global environment are just a few of these innovative characteristics; and it is widely recognized that creative thinking is nurtured and finds its foundation here.

The art work the students produce in the classroom is a culmination of this year's lessons with a foundation in cultural studies, and every child was proudly and graciously showing their family the classroom displays. 

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