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Christopher Academy Students are Learning about Horticulture

Added May 20, 2013


Students and faculty at Christopher Academy, the Montessori School, extended their celebration of Earth Day last week with special classroom programs at both the Westfield and Scotch Plains campuses.

During the classroom presentations all the Christopher Academy students received a visit from Mike from Let’s Bloom Together. The children were introduced to the horticultural concepts of nurture and nature such as the basics of planting annuals, as well as the needs of vegetation for sun, soil and water; and every child had the experience of planting flowers at their campus resulting in an impressive beautification project.

Parents and professionals alike agree that the Montessori approach offers an environment, which reflects children’s natural development resulting in increased academic achievement to distinctions in their creativity, self-efficacy, and community contribution.  The presentation by Let’s Bloom Together was designed to promote awareness about the importance of nature and preservation of our environment relating closely to a corner stone of the Montessori Philosophy, where care for others and the environment provides the building block for our future and the foundation for a world of peace.

The schools Parent Association was instrumental in making this classroom visit possible, and they also facilitated a very special gift to the school to mark its 50th anniversary. The Christopher Academy Westfield campus and Scotch Plains campus both received a new tree to commemorate this special year; and the children at both campuses took part in the planting of the trees, which will be much enjoyed in the years to come.

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