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Added Dec 20, 2017

CAPA MEETING MINUTES for December 18, 2017, 7PM – Westfield Campus


In attendance: Cheryl Wilkinson, Meghan Barbieri, Tatiana Reis, Amy Smith, Rene Mayo, Amy Perna, Jeannine Mikhail, Nicole Murphy, Teri Hansen, Jen Stewart, Meredith Adams, Gabriella Hamilton



  1. Teacher appreciation Luncheon
    1. Dates have been set, Monday Feb 26 in SP, Tuesday Feb 27 in WF
    2. Maria O’Sullivan heading the luncheon, she reached out via email prior to tonight’s meeting as she is away on vacation. Responsibillities include making an invitation for the teachers, asking for food donations through, small gift for teachers, and parent volunteers needed for covering the lunch time so all teachers can go to the luncheon
    3. Additional volunteers signed up this evening; Amy Perna, Meghan Barbieri, Tatiana Reis, Rene Mayo, Jen Stewart, and Meredith Adams
  2. Parent Social /Fundraiser
    1. Theme –Event is on March 17 at Plainfield Country Club, which lends to a St. Patricks Day theme, “Luck of the Irish” idea put out with good feedback
    2. Committee Overview --  we need volunteers for all committees
      1. Decorations/Invitiations/ Save-the-dates:

save the dates are made with children in classroom and go home in their bags. Last year was the mardi gras masks, so coming up with something eye catching and fun like that would be ideal; We have had the invitations done in the past—there is a contact from previous years who did a professional and high quality job; decorations is just to elevate the night not needed to go over the top.  A little creativity needed to work within a $100 budget but can be done!

  1. Class Projects:

Volunteers come up with the 7 projects (one for each classroom)

And then go into the classroom to have the children make the project.  These are then put up for silent auction at the Social.  They are always a hit with the parents.  Ideas are easy to find on Pinterest!  Brainstormed some ideas of art, a book made with children’s art and responses to a prompt like “I feel lucky (fortunate) because…” We also want to have these displayed before the event to garner interest in the items and the event.

  1. Baskets & Silent Auction:

Volunteers responsible for getting donations for the baskets and also any new ideas for ways to make up baskets. This means going to local businesses to ask for donations, asking friends and family who have services, season tickets, products, weekend at vacation home, golf foursomes, etc that they would donate.  We discussed the idea of assigning a themed basket for every classroom, and then asking for families to donate one item that fits in that theme.  Some suggested themes were “Crayola Basket” or “STEM/LEGO Basket”.  More valuable goods or services would be put toward silent auction.

4.  Program & Teachers Treasures

The night of the event has a Program booklet listing all the baskets contents and silent auction items, the information for Teachers Treasures and class projects as well as opportunity for advertising in exchange for a donation.  Teachers Treasures are special treats and in-school play-dates for the children that the teachers organize and are raffled off.

  1.  Entertainment

We have the DJ booked! Other entertainment ideas include a photo booth, some sort of EmCee guiding us through the night, or other fundraising ideas that happen at the event itself.

  1. Proposed planning calendar:
    1. Save the dates go out by Jan 17 (done in class Jan 15, 16, 17)
    2. Invitations out by Jan 31
    3. Completed Classroom Projects, Basket & Auction donations, and RSVP collected Feb 21.



  1. Enrichment – Gabriella:
    1. Update : chick hatching is a go, based on price and teacher interest in SP, waiting to hear back from WF campus teachers.  Affordable option
    2. Eyes of the wild, reptiles, or other animal show an option for the second enrichment program.  Dino rock is a visiting dinosaur museum exhibition. Do we want to do two animal themed programs this year? It would be OK because they are quite different programs.


IV.  Next CAPA meeting January 11th, trying it at 7:30 to see if it makes it more accessible to parents.  Will be held at SP campus



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