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CAPA Meeting Minutes 10-11-2017

Added Oct 13, 2017


October 11, 2017

7 PM – Scotch Plains Campus


In attendance: Teri Hansen, Nicole Murphy, Cheryl Wilkinson, Ripal Shah, Shona Mehta, Rene Mayo, Tatiana Reis, Claudia Guzman, Marilyn Gonzalez


1.            Halloween Party

  • Teri gave a review of past Halloween committee meeting (9/27/17) notable points: our idea for diaper donations for hurricane victims was tabled for later date (to coincide with Pajama Drive?) due to transportation, storage, and shipping concerns. ARC donation idea was well received.
  • Marilyn & Claudia gave us an update on: Pumpkin delivery and moving to and from WF – volunteers were organized (Marilyn, Nicole, Tatiana, Shona and Rene), to complete this over the next week. ; Costco run (Ripal); Pretzel pickup (Tatiana); nametags for volunteers (Teri); Shoprite order pickup (Claudia)
  • Halloween party volunteer sheet was reviewed and emailed out by Marilyn this evening.
  • An inventory of supplies, cleaning, and final prep and planning for Halloween party will be on Thursday Oct 19 12:30pm at SP campus.  All are welcome to attend, not just committee members. We decided to add this to the email so anyone could come if available and interested.


2.            Discussion: Nutrition

  • Recipe Swap: 5 recipes were circulated; Teri will type them up and share with the group in email following the meeting
  • A set of 3 double-sided handouts from were shared, with tips for sncaks, adding fruits & veggies into meals, kids helping in the kitchen, and general healthy eating guidelines. Hardcopies or pdf copies available from Teri
  • Share a nutrition tip: Attendees wrote down tips (or questions to discuss) about nutrition and healthy eating with children, and a lively discussion of some of our triumphs and struggles followed.

3.            Parent Social Fundraiser 

  • Still need volunteers to chair this event!
  • Brainstorm of Fundraiser theme: 80’s theme, throwback shows ie I Love Lucy, Honeymooners, Gilligan’s Island, Yacht party
  • Venue discussion:  Plainfield CC, Cranford Social, similar place to Ferraro’s.  we have to consider the layout oft he venue and make sure it is conducive to mingling but also having the items for auction and raffle close at hand so the bidding continues.
  • Potential dates discussed: March 10th, 17th or 24th. 24th not as ideal as 10th or 17th.
  • Feedback from past events: we would like to see some raffle baskets back, but not as many as previous year.  Try to balance the amount of work but also keep it interesting and exciting
  • Classroom projects were discussed—we decided to try and prepare two projects per classroom; the need to promote the classroom projects ahead of time, and we need to follow up on allowing non attending members to bid on classroom projects


4.            Meeting Schedule:

  • November 15th at 7:30 PM will be an off-site “CAPA Night Out” event at local AR Workshop in Westfield, where we will create charming custom canvas pillows, wall hangings, or tote bags.   Please RSVP in advance as the event caps at 25 guests.  It’s a closed event so we have the whole place to ourselves and we can also bring snacks and drinks.
  • December meeting date was not discussed at this time.  Should we consider a daytime meeting or continue with evenings? (feedback we received last year was that evening meetings were better for respondees)


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