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Music at Christopher Academy

Added Oct 4, 2012

    Ms Debbie is back, and music is in full swing. Each music class is a themed musical celebration that incoroporates musical improvisation, rythm instrument play and movement. Based on the Dalcroze phylosophy, Ms. Debbie's music classes will challenge concentration, physical coordination, rythmic ability and expressvie response to music - all while having fun!

     This week in music, we celebrated the harvest as we go to the apple orchards. Egg shakers will be used as we explore the concepts of musical timing and notation. As always, we will conclude our class with a sing-a-long of our favorite songs.

"Way up high in the apple tree, five little apples are looking at me!

So I shook the tree as hard as I could,

Down came an apple and mmmm, it was good!"

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